Our educational project

Our main


  • To welcome all children without distinction
  • To offer a safe and secure environment with a well thought out layout to reassure children and their parents
  • Develop a quality and trusting relationship with parents

    To be a support to parenthood

  • Involve parents through discussion, workshops and active communication
  • Promote the development and well-being of the child through play, discovery and contact with other children
  • Promote psychomotor and cognitive development through the Montessori method
  • Develop the child’s awareness and accompany him in the acquisition of language
  • Respect the rhythm of each child
  • Accompany the children towards autonomy
  • Develop the socialization of the child, thanks to the community
  • Encourage the child’s creativity
  • To sensitize the children to ecology through games, outings, reading, changing clothes, eating
  • Familiarize children with English from an early age
  • To accompany the children in their opening to the outside world
  • Training of staff and trainees