Why choose a certified ecological daycare ?

  • Since the beginning of the 21th century, we have seen a flowering of organic stores all around us.

The media in general evoke and debate on a sensitive subject: the PMA. Twin births have exploded and this dazzling increase is of course due to the Medical Assistance to Procreation.

The children have more and more allergies.

One of the objectives of ecology is to detect, analyse and combat possible dysfunctions of an ecosystem in order to bring balance and harmony to man.

My desire to create a certified ecological daycare center is part of a responsible approach to educate children from an early age.

The respect of the environment is an important part of the commitment to sustainable development. The reference ecolo-crèche on which I lean is a system of environmental management. It allows in particular:

  • To improve the quality of life of the children and the teams
  • To train the teams in good practices
  • To sensitize the children to ecology
  • Engage collectively all the actors of the nursery in an innovative and federative project
  • Implementing more environmentally friendly practices
  • To join a network of places of life committed to the ecological transition
  • Respond to a societal demand

Reducing impacts and integrating ecology can improve the quality of life in a nursery.

Economic, social and educational issues related

to ecology contribute to good practices.

Our 9 environmental themes :


Our nursery was designed with materials from natural resources and not harmful to the environment. These materials result in a reduction of waste during their manufacture.


Our service provider provides us with green electricity in order to preserve our environment. We have installed LED lights with dimmers in the children's living rooms and dormitories which also allows us to reduce costs.


In order to avoid waste, we use a water saver.


Today, most of the products used are of chemical origin containing toxic substances. But, we also know that cleaning products have an impact on the environment throughout their life cycle, from their manufacture to their disposal and transportation. Using ecological products allows us to avoid exposing children and to preserve their health.


Waste management begins with selective sorting. In order to limit waste as much as possible, the nursery uses reusable products as much as possible. Limiting waste and wastefulness.


It allows to limit waste by giving a second life. Making toys from recycled elements also develops creativity and psychomotricity in children.


We use a washable washcloth, healthier for the skin of babies. A 100% organic liniment and biodegradable diapers.


The eco-friendly toys are made of wood from certified forests, recycled cardboard, organic varnish not harmful.


Opting for a healthier diet: we have chosen a service provider who provides us with mainly organic meals and uses seasonal products.

We have therefore called upon Écolo crèche so that the professionals of our structure are trained and benefit from precious advice.

Our labeling is in progress.

Little Victoire is a committed and environmentally friendly daycare.

Let’s think about our children and change our ecological footprint together !